All Faust wanted was more power, more glory, and more cunning to lure a young woman, Gretchen, to his bed. But in the end, in the face of his own ignorance of the responsibilities of LOVE, he transcends his own mediocrity to achieve immortality.


Legend has it that as a youth, the great German writer Goethe saw a Faust Drama performed on the streets of Frankfurt by wandering Puppeteers.
He was so moved by the story (probably a version of Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus) that he became preoccupied with his own Faust for the rest of his life. This film interpretation with puppets centers on Faust’s emotional relationship rather than his philosophical wanderings.


This 30-minute film is a visual interpretation of Goethe’s Faust part one. Puppet Master  STEVEN RITZ-BARR and award winning director HOKU UCHIYAMA team up to create their own inspired version of the fabled medieval scholar, FAUST. The exquisite, old-European style marionettes
were created by Russian Puppet Master EUGENE SEREGIN. An edgy musical score, composed by Englishman, JOHN GREAVES displays a fusion of jazz, blues and rock so powerful it transcends the spoken word.