By Steven Ritz-Barr

Recently,  QUIXOTE, the new film from Classics in Miniature, premiered  in Lafayette, Indiana to an exuberate crowd of over 500 students, professors, and community members of all ages thanks to our hosts at Purdue University. After over one year of constant work the 30 min. film now exists, along with a 20 minute inside view in The Making Of Quixote.


“The film was a brilliant achievement. I liked the selection of the scenes, the little boy, the sheep, the Merchants, and most of all the Puppets- that’s for me the highlight—to see Puppets doing Puppets is just wonderful. The technical effects and the idea that Don Quixote himself comes to realize that he was his own enemy all along is really very clever. And to pull all that off in 30 minutes is just darn remarkable. Cervantes would have loved it. “

—Howard Mancing, President, Cervantes Society of America
Purdue Professor of Spanish Studies

FUTURE SIGHTINGS  on the big screen…

April 16, 2010 at 4pm  James Bridges Theatre, Melnitz Hall,  UCLA

April 17, 2010 at 11am to 1 at  Beverly Hills Film Festival, Animation Block 1,
Clarity Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA   (details in press release on site)

DVD Now available on the website for purchase

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